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For only 99 EUR you get access to our pick of 13 essential lectures worth of value 351 EUR, a 70% discount!

This are 20 hours of video recordings.

Essentials Pass Includes Our Pick of 13 Lectures:

1. Ying and Yang, Bhan Tough, Jane Bratslavska
2. Language and Communication in Times of Change, Meris Oliveira
3. Surviving 2027, Peter Schoeber
4. Priorities in the Bodygraph & Simplifying Human Design, Jakub Střítezský
5. Nature&Nurture–the Real Human Experiential Way, Idalina Fernandes
6. The Advent of the 9 Centered Being, Darshana
7. The Hidden World of the Dream Rave and its Conditioning, Elena Bondarchuk
8. Cosmoslogy Fairytale, Bambaji
9. De-conditioning in 3 Phases, Allanah & Hagen
10. Aware Relationships, Anna Valeva
11. Nude-Helpless Observer, Amaya Blanco Alzola
12. Forecast 2024, Don Elwik
13. The Shifting Landscape of Career & Business, Karen Sherwood

To find out more about each lecture, please, visit our speakers' pages here: www.humandesignravefestival.com

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