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Access to nearly every Human Design Topic! You get 47 treasure lectures, which is 70 hours of video recordings.

For only 333 EUR you get unlimited access to all for the total value of 1269 EUR, a 75% discount.

Unlock unlimited access to all festival content with our Full Festival Pass. Dive into a diverse lineup of lectures, workshops, and discussions led by experts in Human Design. Immerse yourself in transformative experiences and connect with a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Feel invited, informed, and initiated to explore the essence of the Human Design Rave Festival! <3

To find out more about each lecture, please, visit our speakers' pages here: www.humandesignravefestival.com

  1. Forecast 2024, Don Elwick
  2. Manifestors, Pavaka Katzir
  3. Projectors & the Mystical Way 400 years, Darshana Mathews
  4. The Shifting Landscape of Career & Business, Karen Sherwood
  5. BG5 Penta Engineering and Experiments, Ioan Nistor
  6. OC16 Introduction, Experiment and Evaluation Nathalie Keijzer
  7. BG5 Shadows Solutions, Laveena Archers
  8. Manifesting Generator Mechanics, Peter Berv
  9. Living Your Design: Navigating Global Change with Human Design, Ryan Hanna
  10. Sacred Sacral, Luna Studer
  11. Solar Plexus, Sonja Beijering
  12. Lunar Authority, Rachel Walmsley
  13. G-centre Magic, Pavaka Katzir
  14. Aware Relationships, Ana Valeva
  15. Nude-Helpless Observer, Amaya Blanco Alzola
  16. Awareness Through Movement, Amaya Alzola
  17. Mechanics of Sexuality & Love, Veronica de Boer
  18. 7 vs 9, Julia Krakova & Pepe Danza
  19. Priorities in the Bodygraph & Simplifying Human Design, Jakub Střítezský
  20. G-Centre Experiment, Christine Spicer
  21. Undefined Heart Centre or I am Lucky, Darja Krastina
  22. The Advent of the 9 Centered Being, Darshana Mathews
  23. Cosmology Fairytale, Bambaji Haven Hale
  24. Ying and Yang, Bhan Tough, Jane Bratslavska
  25. 2027 Plutonic Interregnum, Laveena Archers
  26. How to Survive till 2027, Peter Schoeber
  27. We Call it Mutation 2027, Dvir Itzaki
  28. Family Penta Dynamics, Sabina Abreo
  29. Parents and Children: Is it Possible to Raise a Unique Being? Julia Kalinina
  30. 3 Generations in Human Design, Mary Ann Winiger
  31. Language and Communication in Times of Change, Meris Oliveira
  32. Merging with the Ocean, Luca Ionescu
  33. No Water, No Moon, Yogeshwar Kasture
  34. The Variables, Dvir Itzaki
  35. PHS-Primary Health System Introduction, Don Elwik
  36. Cognitive Potential PHS & Environment, Julia Krakova
  37. Nature & Nurture–the Real Human Experiential Way, Idalina Fernandes
  38. The Mammalian Design and the Coming 2027 Mutation, Dr. Andrea Reikl Wolf
  39. Is Human Design a Cult or a Pseudo Science? Ilkgun Amitabha
  40. De-conditioning in 3 Phases, Alannah & Hagen
  41. The Hidden World of the Dream Rave and its Conditioning, Elena Bondarchuk
  42. Reflecting Love (Opening & Closing Ceremonies), Nisarg Nikiel
  43. 6/2 Reflector Off the Roof, Christine Spicer
  44. Behind the Scenes of Following Your Own Authority, Lucretia Konstantine
  45. Conscious Parenting Experiment with a Special Needs Child, Yana Gavrilita
  46. Ra Uru Hu-the Man, the Teacher, the 5/1 Profile, Therese Jegersberger
  47. Human Design Shamanic Talk, Peter Berv
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