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HOP Online or Live in Sofia for a weekend treat of the Human Design Rave Festival with the most interesting lectures:

LIVE Weekend: 375 EUR

Dear Human Design Experimentators,
Human Design Newbies,
And everyone who wants to understand themselves better; their relationships with partners, children, friends, family; their business and carrier challenges,
We are happy to announce the Human Design Rave Festival, which is to happen on the upcoming Rave New Year 2024!
We are looking forward to gathering LIVE, in aura, 17-22 January 2024 in Sofia, Bulgaria and ONLINE worldwide via Zoom.
You are new to Human Design or this is the first time you hear about it? This event is also for you.
This is the Only Official International Human Design Event ONLINE & LIVE! All speakers and facilitators are IHDS Certified Professionals disseminating the original teachings and frequency of Ra Uru Hu’s Human Design System.
The underlying theme of the festival is the “Countdown to 2027: The Sleeping Phoenix”.
The burning flames of the Sleeping Phoenix have been touching us for several years now. The change is obviously already here. Are you ready? The Human Design System was given for these times. For NOW! It has keys to potentially explain many of the strange "domino-effects" which are seemingly happening right now, and also shed light on the profound fundamental mechanics that lies beneath it all.
The paradoxes of these times are heavy on the mind, we know...
With the Human Design Rave Festival 2024 we are offering a safe space to experience yourself in Human Design frequency with its infinite embodiments and together we will go through the highly interactive process that will enrich and inspire you for the times to come.
So let's get the pack of lone wolves from around the world, and explore and celebrate together life, abundance and the new reality!
We invite you to start your Human Design Experiment or get deeper into your own experiment, and meet people on your fractal line.
That's the spirit of the Rave Festival - 6 magical days of meeting ourselves, exploring, experiencing, learning and growing together.
Nearly every Human Design Subject will be explored: self-discovery and grounding, relationships, children, carrier, business, Human Design Immersion Workshop, Primary Health System (PHS) & Environment, BG5, Rave Cosmology, different embodying practices and much more.
Information becomes more and more accessible and it's easy to find so much Human Design stuff online. But ..
The ACTUAL experience is priceless, and it's only possible in 3D Maya, when the energy auras meet each other and exchange the electro-magnetic information that goes deeper than we can grasp consciously. 70 to 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal body language.
Bring your own uniqueness to the table of abundance!
We will also have Experiential Evening Practices: Theatre Performance "2027, a Shifting of the Godheads", Zen Dinner, Cacao Ceremony, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Healing, Sensual Labyrinth, etc.
We are aware that not everyone who would like to participate in this unique event, will be able to come physically, and for this reason we open the possibility for online participation.
Online we will hold the Human Design Rave Marathon covering all global time-zones, between 17-22 of January 2024.
Simultaneous Translation in up to 20 languages will be provided. Ask for your language! Please, contact us if you are a translator!
Mainstage: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe with full house of 250 people
Second stage: Live in Sofia, Bulgaria, 20 people
Online Stage: Zoom
Live Sharings: Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
(Login information will be sent via email after you purchase a ticket, and minimum 24 hours before the event starts).
You can buy your ticket here: https://humandesignravefestival.com/
Live in Sofia:
Early Bird Sofia Live (until 1st of December) EUR 444
Sofia Live (until 16th of January) EUR 555
*Travel, food and lodging is not included.
Early Bird Online (until 1st of December) EUR 333
Online (until 16th of January) EUR 444
NB! Times are listed in EET. Please, use an online time-zone converter to pinpoint which time it converts to you locally.
Wednesday 17.01.2024 until Monday 22.01.2022 (Times in EET - Eastern European Time, Sofia.)
Start: 17.01.2024 - 10 AM EET
10:00 AM - Festival Intro with hosts Julia & Veronica
01 - 02 (PM) Initiation Ceremony
Check out as we start presenting our lecturers and facilitators. Stay Tuned!
End: 22.01.2024 - 19 PM EET
12 - 01 (PM) Human Design New Year Forecast 2024
15:17 - Happy Rave New Year
03 (PM) - 07 (PM) Closing Ceremony & Afterparty!
With Everyone
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