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1/3 Manifesting Generator and 2/5 Projector
LYD Guides, Hagen - BG5 Career & Business Consultant
7 Years & 5 Years
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Lecture by Alannah Hillstrom and Hagen Artley

[Day 4, 20.01.]
23:30 am - 01:00 am (GMT+2)
Theme: "De-conditioning in 3 Phases"

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We loved them and you will love them too!
We are super happy to present our special overseas guests from Canada Alannah Hillstrom and Hagen Artley and their special offering.
“De-conditioning in 3 Phases”
Our interest for ourselves and clients is safety and life enjoyment within the de-conditioning process. While Type, Strategy and Authority can make a meaningful difference from the get-go, the radical transformations offered by the Human Design system require readiness.
We may want to go through the transformations that Human Design offers, but it is an intense process with real consequences. People come in with PTSD and complex challenges that are important to recognize. The nervous system may not be equipped for it right away, but how can we tell? Working mostly virtually, there may also be limited connection to the results in the lives of our clients. How can we make sure this process is going well for ourselves and within the scope of our professional practice in this day and age?
We offer an additional framework that may make it easier to recognize where people really are in their journey and how to attune to their next developmental step.
Organic Intelligence, founded by Steven Hoskinson, is rooted in complexity science and clinical therapeutic practice. It is our roadmap for building bandwidth and de-conditioning in ways that are natural and safe.
About Us
Regenerative Human Design, the collaborative effort of Hagen Artley & Alannah Hillstrom, supports people through Human Design, BG5 and Organic Intelligence as pathways for empowerment, regeneration and sustainable growth.
Clients receive the benefit of attuned nervous system support as they move through the challenges of their deconditioning process and personal transformation.
Hagen is a 2:5 Splenic Projector and active student of the Human Design system for nearly 5 years. He is a regenerative economist, IHDS Living Your Design Guide, licensed BG5 Career & Business consultant and Professional Analyst in Training Level 4. He received tutelage from Richard Beaumont, Karen Sherwood & Laveena Archers. By invitation he has written articles and presented as a guest lecturer for students in the ICONIC humandesign.live community.
Alannah is a 1:3 Emotional Manifesting Generator. As an IHDS certified Living Your Design Guide, Alannah has been immersed in Human Design for over 7 years, mentoring primarily Generators and Manifesting Generators. She has studied with Human Design master teachers – Laveena Archers, Mary Ann Winiger, Leela & Dharmen Swann Herbert and Alokanand Diaz.
Please, feel welcome, invited, informed and hopefully surprised!
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