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Lectures by Amaya Alzola

Theme: "Helpless: A Nude Observer"
Theme: "Awareness Through Movement"

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Embracing uncertainty, you are not free to choose.
A nine centered being´s life does not run on security, it runs on the experience of being and not knowing what tomorrow is going to be like. When you live thinking of tomorrow you are never here, you lose connection with yourself. It takes time to observe, to become aware, to come to experience oneself, to grasp that what you think is not even close to who you are. It takes time to realize to what extent your thinking can cut you off from your own form, leaving one disconnected.
Experimenting with your strategy, slowly but surely gets you attuned with your senses and inner authority, which is the only way to reconnect, to come into contact with your own lifeforce.
It allows for a progressive process of reeducating your mind, so it really becomes your differentiated mind, and not a mind that runs on false automatic pilot mode.
Then you might appreciate the difference between thinking and being aware by perceiving, being part of the perception. Life is so much about dealing with our incompetence and limitations, accepting our place and unintentional fate, hopefully unashamed.
To get to know oneself is neither a quick nor an easy process, to acknowledge how different you are from what you learned and were educated to be takes as many seven years cycles as you are prepared to surrender to as an adult.
Give yourself time.
There is nothing to achieve, nothing to become or change, just gradually be with the circumstances. This will be a space to embrace uncertainty. I will present to you the development of a life through a Human Design perspective, as to show you precisely how helpless and choiceless we all are, so you can relax.
Along with how magnificent the fact that differentiation is always possible through the love of Self. We will take our experiment of self-observation in the flesh as well, through an Awareness Through Movement short practice that will let us explore differences in effort versus trust.
Amaya Blanco Alzola is an international analyst and teacher and a direct student of Ra Uru Hu, experimenting with HD since 2001. She is based in Madrid and together with Keerti cofounded The Human Design Lab.

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