Dr. Andrea Reikl Wolf

3/6 Generator
Teacher & Mentor
Holistic Analyst, Family & Child; PHS & Psychology, DDP
27 Years

Lecture by Dr. Andrea Reikl Wolf

[Day 2, 18.01.]
Theme: "The Mammalian Design and the Coming 2027 Mutation"

Personal Information

“The Mammalian Design and the Coming 2027 Mutation”

Andrea is going to present this super intriguing topic about the mammalian design. Knowing the matrix of mammals gives us a deep understanding of the genetic characteristics of animals. Mammalian design is calculated in a fundamentally different way than that of human beings. The matrix is five-centered, containing fifteen Gates and the so-called interspecies connecting portals, which allow the establishment of a very close relationship with human beings.
Humans tend to anthropomorphize mammals. They have names and seem to have amazing characteristics because they share with us the same quality of the Personality Crystal, but their Design is so different.
In this workshop you will have the opportunity to learn more about the design of mammals and their special relationship with us humans. You will learn about the deep connection between mammals and humans and how this interaction will change with the looming mutation of 2027.
Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf began her journey with Human Design in 1997, as a student of Ra. But, see she had already played the role of student for many years before this. She brought something very unique with her, a PhD in Molecular Genetics, which cultivated her to a position working side-by-side with Ra, by lending her expertise which contributed to the knowledge.
And her journey did not end there, it continues on today as she is one of the top leading Human Design teachers in the world!
Which makes her one of the Senior Teachers at the International Human Design School. Her depth of understanding of the Human Design System is nothing less than inspiring. She has an uncanny ability to transcend anybody’s understanding of the information, from surface level to the vast ocean of this knowledge. We must also not forget to note her deep dedication to the coming Solar Plexus Mutation, in addition to working with Human Design and horses. Andrea is a living and breathing Human Design encyclopedia!
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