Bambaji Haven Hale

Live & Online
2/4 Projector
LYD Guide
Rave Cosmologist
6 Years
United Kingdom

Hall 2: Fairytale by Bambaji Haven Hale

[Day 4, 20.01.]
Theme: “Cosmology Fairytale”

Personal Information

Are you ready for Human Design Cosmic Fairy Tale?
Bambaji has been studying Human Design since she was introduced to it in 2018. Since then, she has immersed herself in experimenting with her own Design, and in exploring some of the many avenues of this incredible system!
Bambaji a 2/4 Emotional Projector on the Cross of Maya, she only has the Channel of Community, so this is where most of her focus lies. That and the 61, her Personality Sun.
Bambaji says: “I love the esoteric material of Human Design. I have worked through all of the Rave Cosmology modules and am a certified Cosmology teacher. Ra called this branch of the teachings his Cosmic Fairy Tales, and that phrase resonates strongly with me; I tell Cosmic Fairy Tales too!
I have taken much of my training through the IHDS, and I qualified as an Analyst through Human Design Austria. I live in the UK with my 5/1 Self-Projected husband”.
The Offering:
I would like to invite you to listen to a Fairy Tale, a Cosmic Fairy Tale, based on the teachings from Rave Cosmology. I have a journey to share, a voice within that asks to be heard. Will you listen?
Bambaji tells a story through Lapin who lives in our future; she has a tale to tell about life in a world where the focus of support has shifted. She tells us about how our future informs her past, and how her community has found a way to exist alongside “The Others”.
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