Christine Spicer

Live & Online
6/2 Reflector
Teacher & Analyst
Analyst, LYD Guide and ABC and Cartography Teacher
18 Years
New Zealand

Sessions by Christine Spicer

[Day 3, 19.01.]
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Theme: “The G-Centre Experiment”
[Prerecorded Video]
Theme: 6/2 Reflector Off the Roof – HD life stories

Personal Information

We are super excited to announce our next IHDS teacher Christine Spicer. She is a rare gem and she is coming live in Sofia from 17-22 January all the way from New Zealand. Christine is a 6/2 Reflector off the roof.
“The G-Centre Experiment”
Many of us came to Human Design looking for ourselves, who am I, where am I going? Here’s a chance to attune to the centre of all these questions, stepping into an auric experiment where G definition meets G openness.
With my personality sun in 48.6 it’s a treat to experiment with body awareness, in aura, discovering the perceptions and insights that arise. Being a 6/2 Reflector with a completely open G centre myself, it’s my privilege to bring a playful experiment to you and see what reveals itself as we land in our bodies and bring our conscious focus to this very mystical place of the G, the higher self. Will you join us? All types are warmly invited to participate especially Self Projectors. We’ll need both open and defined Gs – what a treat to explore with you all. See you there.
“6/2 Reflector Off the Roof – HD life stories” (pre-recorded)
I first met Human Design exactly 7 years before my Kiron Return. At the time I was in deep and silent crisis – health crisis, marriage crisis, career crisis. So when I found out I was a reflector, it gave me hope as I learned how to apply this very strange lunar cycle, wondering, could this pull me back from the edge?
And it did! My Kiron Return itself became the experience of flying, not falling off the roof as my life took off in curious and astounding ways that awed and delighted me.
In the mid phase of life, on the roof, I was lucky enough to experience the clear comparison between years without Human Design then with the support of strategy & authority – what a contrast. Looking back the comparison is both stark and entertaining!
In this interview I share stories from each of the 3 phases of my life. Others have commented that these stories bring insight to the 3 phases of a line 6 life, also shining a light from the example of my transpersonal reflector life.
I’m Christine Spicer 6/2 Reflector, off the roof, joining you in Sofia travelling from my homeland New Zealand to be with you. In 2005 when holidaying in Germany I was initiated into Human Design by my dear Manifestor friend Bettina Schaeffer. Such was the relief of discovering my rare design that I went on to study, radically entering my experiment and eventually becoming NZ’s first certified Analyst and Teacher.
I’m born on the Cross of Endeavour and quite naturally and easily started NZ’s first professional Human Design Service in 2009. It seemed magical! After so many years in the hard slog of my corporate life in business/HR/ Organisational Development and Leadership Development, the ease with which Human Design NZ started still astounds me.
I love teaching Human Design in aura in retreat, so people experience and experiment in community – LYD 4 days, ABCs 5 days, Rave Cartography 12 days has been my way. And the experiment continues – my body, my inner and outer life have transformed in ways I could never have imagined when I began this experiment – I’m alive, healthy, and thriving more than I was in 2005! Quite a testament to Human Design Mechanics after quite some years off the roof!
Reflectors, this is such a rare opportunity to meet a Christine, as rare as you are yourselves. Please welcome!
Please, feel welcome, invited, informed and hopefully surprised!
Do you want to join us? Live in Europe or Online? Share the fun! It’s going to be EPIC!
You can participate Live or Online.

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