Dvir Itzhaki

4/1 Projector
Analyst, Teacher & LYD Guide
Individual, Partnership, Incarnation Cross & Life Cycle Analysis
23 Years

Lecture by Dvir Itzhaki

[Day 5, 21.01.]
13:30 - 15:00
Theme: "The Variables"
[Day 6, 22.01.]
13:30 - 15:00
Theme: "We call it 2027 Mutation"

Personal Information

Dvir is a pioneer of Human Design System in Israel, and he will talk about the subject he is truly passionate about – our future!

In Human Design we point to the year 2027 as the magic number in which the global cycle changes. The global cycle changes every little over 400 years and replaces the themes in which we live. But this time the change is bigger, not one that happens every 400 years. This time the universe makes one of those evolutionary leaps that happens only once in…

“We call it 2027 Mutation.”

The knowledge of Human Design is strongly related to this mutation that the Emotional center, the Solar Plexus, undergoes. We don’t know what the future hold. These are things that when Ra Uru Hu talked about decades ago, seemed like science fiction to me. You couldn’t see the signs of it. In 2027, the mutation will take place, but we have and we are experiencing a lot of change to get us up to that point. It’s not like in one moment we change who we are, but it is more of a gradual increase of transformation that’s got to happen within our bodies which is going to be reflected back in the external world in a pretty profound way. We are currently living through a time of unprecedented global mutation.

Dvir says: “I remember around 2012 (another famous date from the Mayan calendar) I started to see it all grow and develop. Now everyone is experiencing the change, and many are talking about it, but the “explanation” that Human Design offers, reveals the mechanics so that you can see the forces operating beneath the surface, you can see the movement of evolution beneath stories and speculation.

Human Design reveals the cosmic pattern. And it’s precious! This time the new global cycle is a tool in the creator’s hands to bring about greater change.

I would like to invite you to join me and look at the broader change in the context of our body-graph:

  • What is the impact on our body-graph?
  • What are the changes in the way the life force moves in the body-graph?
  • Will our map change?
  • What will change?
  • What is the impact of all this on our lives?

At a time when change and instability are growing every day, it is more than reassuring to understand the forces and trends. I invite you to join me and look together at all of this. It will be fascinating and an eye-opener”.

“The Variables”

Variable is to Awareness what Type is to Form: a tool for transformation. This is an advanced area of the Human Design System which offers you an in-depth look at your cognitive design. It provides you with a clear, practical map for the transformation of your awareness and therefore how you experience your life.
Variable describes how you are meant to take in, process, and filter information, and how this determines your perspective. Understanding your Variable can free the mind from conditioning and homogenization so you can express your own unique awareness.

Your Variable calculation points to the nature of your awareness patterns. It shows where you are strategic, focused, and active by nature, and where receptive, peripheral, and passive. Essential aspects of your Variable include a particular dietary regimen and physical environment.

Through the Variable, the four transformations that are the potential of all nine-centered beings are revealed. Variable is about cognition. It is about the way your awareness is actually going to take in information and operate. Each Variable gives an overview of the evolutionary movement of our species from the all-Left to the all-Right, the differences between Right and Left, the cognitive architecture of a human being, and the specifics of each Variable’s four transformations.

Dvir shares about his path:

“Human Design entered my life 23 years ago and for quite a few years I was the only practitioner in the Hebrew language. I saw the labor pains of this amazing knowledge, how it grew in the world, changing it and changing me.

This knowledge became a central tool in my path, and today I enjoy guiding & teaching, being  the founder of the Israel School of Human Design. I am guiding and accompanying personal, couple and group processes.

Emotional Projector 4/1




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