Elena Bondarchuk

6/2 Mental Projector
Teacher & Analyst
Holistic Analyst, Dream Rave, Psychology, Family Practitioner & Child Development Analyst
15 Years
USA & Ukraine

Lecture by Elena Bondarchuk

[Day 4, 20.01.]
04:00 am - 5:30 am
Theme: "The Hidden World of the Dream Rave and its Conditioning""

Personal Information

“The Hidden World of the Dream Rave and its Conditioning”

Every time we go to sleep, our body takes a horizontal position and our matrix shifts: from the 9-centered Waking Rave with a potential of self-awareness we become a 5-centered Dream Rave, moving from the Human matrix with 64 gates and 36 channels to the Mammalian matrix with 15 gates and 6 channels. But the conditioning can be even more impactful, and it comes from the 3 specific areas:
Demon Realm, Earth Plane, and Light Field. Each of these areas affects you differently – it can be your body receiving the neutrino stream in your dreams, or your mind being pulled into a Not-Self decision-making during the day. One of the very first recommendations in your deconditioning process is to sleep in your own aura. Do you know why? Because in a dream state your aura is very vulnerable to taking in conditioning from the other, whether it’s a human being or even your pet. Not mentioning that the dreams themselves can be quite a manipulative force. That’s why it is recommended to preserve the sanctity of your sleep, for you to go to bed as yourself and wake up as yourself.

During this session you will have the opportunity to learn about the world of dreams from the Human Design perspective, and to become aware of the 3 specific areas of the Dream Rave. Understanding the nature of the Night Forces and the way they can manipulate your mind to make a Not-Self decision when you are awake, is another step in your deconditioning path to your True Self. The more you are aware about who you are and what the conditioning forces in life are, the more you are going to discover your self-love and your own differentiation.

My Bio:

I am a Mental Projector 6/2, Quad Right, LAX of Prevention in the Quarter of Civilization, with the purpose fulfilled through Form.
First I met HD in 2008, by bumping into an article in a magazine, which drew out my curiosity, and led me to Jovian website where I ran my chart. The first flavor was disappointing because I saw this “No Inner Authority” statement, coupled with a keynote of a Role Model Personality, so my mind thought about the extra responsibility that I was supposed to carry. But my curiosity was already ignited, so I started digging and exploring all bits and pieces about this system and my own Type, so I spent 5 years test-driving this system.

By the beginning of 2013, I felt more than ready to give it a green light because “non-initiating” worked so well for me, and I felt being in the right place at the right time, so I decided to integrate its clues into my life at a deeper level. Thus, in 2013 I had a Foundation Analysis with a certified Analyst, and my journey began. I went through LYD live workshop, Rave ABC live course, Rave Cartography, and when I moved to California in 2015, I continued my education with IHDS. I went through PTL courses with Lynette Crisfield, Lynda Bunnell, and Cathy Kinnaird, got certified as an LYD Guide by Carol Zimmerman, received a few Analyses from Becky Markley, went through the Children Development and Family Penta Analysis courses with Leela Swann-Herbert, and explored the Transits with Leela and Dharmen Swann-Herbert, had an educational Differentiation Degree Program journey with Josette Lamotte, studied the Dream Rave with Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf, and became a Variable Transformation Teacher with Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf’s guidance. Besides these certification courses, I was attracted to other experiential and practical courses taught by Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf, Carol Freedman, Martin Grassinger, Laveena Archers, and Michael Brown. And I don’t even count endless materials taught by Ra Uru Hu and some of his students, which I got from Jovian Archive, IHDS, HD Austria, and HD UK organizations, which I keep exploring. There is no single day that I wouldn’t feel a deep gratitude to Ra Uru Hu and his family for keeping this knowledge alive, and to each and every Teacher and Guide, Ally and Friend that I met during these years on my fractal. I am grateful for their time and patience, for the transformation they brought to my life and perspective, and for those mutative moments that happened and changed me forever.

I love becoming a teacher who never stops being a student. So, besides my continuous self-study processes, I am auditing the DD Program and studying Rave Sociology at the IHDS with Dr. Andrea Reikl-Wolf, and I am taking the BG5 Certification course with Laveena Archers at BG5 Institute. Every course that I am attending provides another great opportunity to deepen my knowledge and understanding of people and life, and brings me to meet different people who enrich my ride.

Being a 6th line being and having a very open Design, I can honestly tell that absorbing this information only on the mental level is not enough, – you have to live it out, to experiment with every component, to validate its practicality, to come to your personal discoveries, and to embrace the experiences you go through. And as a Mental Projector I love observing and studying others in their lives.

I feel both natural and privileged to have a Mental Projector lifestyle, with a huge opportunity to learn from the source, and to be a part of the fractal of all these unique individuals.

Shortly about my Design: I am a quad right organizational being and experiential storyteller, loving to bring things into a shape and creating something out of nothing. I enjoy exploring new places, refining my role model behavior, and collecting experiential observations of other people’s extreme behaviors. I like seeing uniqueness and unusualness in every human being (and any other creature like cats and horses), indirectly pointing people to the healthy protective places, and interacting with them one on one. I feel successful when I can be myself and
love myself, and when I encounter people whom I can guide (using my HD knowledge and expertise, and overall life experience) to those places where they can be their own examples and live their lives with self-love and self-acceptance.

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