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Workshop by Helene Hartmann

[Day 1, 17.01.]
15:00 pm - 18:30 pm
Theme: Human Design Immersion
[Day 2, 18.01.]
10:00 am - 18:30 pm
Theme: Human Design Immersion
[Day 3, 19.01.]
10:00 am - 13:30 pm
Theme: Human Design Immersion

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3-day Human Design Immersion with Helene Hartmann, student of Mary Ann Winiger.
Immersion means to sink into something. That’s exactly what this workshop is about. You will experience three days of deep diving into the essence of your design.
This is a workshop that supports you in awakening as yourself. Strategy and Inner Authority is the very first information you learn about your chart in a professional reading. It is almost impossible for the Mind to internalize this. The Mind cannot embody it. That’s why we work with body sensations and body wisdom in this three-day workshop.
This is not about imparting knowledge about the Human Design System. Learning this system is much easier than living it. It’s about experiencing and feeling into it. Experiencing something allows you to let it sink into your body. You will arrive grounded in yourself. If you’re ready to commit.
Since I began immersing myself in Human Design, my life has become signifcantly more relaxed and my view of the future has become more relaxed. Since then my life has not been free of ups and downs, but deep within me there is a certainty that things happen the way they are right for me. Really living my Strategy and Inner Authority gives me the security to make decisions that are correct for me. In an uncertain world, I can only fnd security within myself.
Mary Ann Winiger developed the Immersion work. She recognized very early in her experiment that your Strategy can be transformative. Only when you live your Strategy and Inner authority. Mary Ann shows us as a role model the way to transform your cells. It is a matter close to my heart to pass this on.
Helene Hartmann is a Human Design Analyst and LYD Guide in Germany. She is in the experiment since 2009. Her master teachers are Peter Schöber, Mary Ann Winiger and Nisarg Nikiel. All three received their knowledge directly from Ra Uru Hu. Helene works also psychotherapeuticly with Hakomi (Bodypsychotherapie). Both approaches form a wonderful synthesis in which body knowledge plays a major role.
The immersion is going to take place during the days of the seminar in a second smaller hall. Places are limited, so you will have to sign-up for this workshop in advance. Please, fill in this form to reserve your place.
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