Idalina Fernandes

4/6 Projector
Teacher & Mentor
Analyst and LYD Guide
19 Years
IHDS Portugal:

Lecture by Idalina Fernandes

[Day 3, 19.01.]
Theme: "Nature and Nurture – the Real Human Experiential Way"

Personal Information

What is more important than being the authentic YOU?
We talk so much about the Not-Self in Human Design. It is so easy to describe it and foresee how it will manifest. The True Self, on the other hand, can be quite surprising. It is uniqueness on display. But how do we get there and stay there. Without Further Adieu the next lecture is:
“Nature and Nurture – the Real Human Experiential Way”
As a Projector with hundreds of clients that have been really going through the experiment with Human Design for several years, I will share my knowledge and experience for helping to create a strong foundation in the True Self in order to be more prepared for the new cycle of humanity.
About Idalina Fernandes:
“I am a 4/6 Emotional Projector and I started my Human Design journey in 2004. As a certified analyst, teacher and the dean of the PHDS – Portugal Human Design School, I have been using this amazing science to guide people and train in Portuguese. With a Management background, and with a career as a Business Consultant, I have been incorporating HD in organizations. I am also in charge of the career mentoring program at the Economics University in Porto, Portugal.”
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