Ilkgun Amitabha

1/3 Generator
LYD Guide and Analyst
Individual, Life Cycle, Partnership, Incarnation Cross & Child Analysis
19 Years

Lecture by Ilkgun Amitabha

[Day 3, 19.01.]
13:30-15:00 pm
Theme: "Is Human Design is a Cult or a Pseudo Science?"

Personal Information

The Human Design System is often perceived as something new and not empirically tested enough. It brings misunderstanding and even some call it Cult. Our next speaker, Ilkgun Amitabha Jankowski, is going to discuss this very intriguing topic:

After graduating from METU Food Engineering Department in 2006, I worked in multinational corporate companies for 12 years. I have been studying consciousness and holistic health for over 20 years, fueled by my love of the many systems created to understand, organize and explore the human experience. My curiosity and working process flow continuously, inclusively and experientially.

After being introduced to Human Design in 2015, I dove deep into living according to my design and examining the system through many teachers, friends, family, clients, and my own reflection. I have seen aspects of reality reflected in many other systems, but I have found Human Design to be the most accurate, practical, and profound synthesis of understanding how we live, function, and fulfill our purpose as humans. I experience every day that it can be applied to the most basic and ordinary decisions in life, as well as to the most mystical and existential decisions.

As a Meditation/Mindfullness Instructor, Somatic Experiencing and Psychology Graduate student, and practitioner of Shamanic practices, I draw on many teachings in my personal life, sessions, and classes, truly inspired by the possibility of supporting the unique empowerment of each person. My intuitive awareness and devotion to the essence of every person guide me. It always makes me very happy to see the beauty, paradox and perfection in every design through sessions and trainings.

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