Ioan Nistor

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3/5 Projector
Analyst, LYD Guide, BG5 Small Business Analyst & Engineer
12 Years
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Workshop by Ioan Nistor

[Day 1, 17.01.]
Theme: “BG5 Penta Engineering and Experiments”

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Are you ready to play?
We are going to conduct different Penta experiments.
– Generators finding the right guide and getting the right advise, projectors experiencing how it is to be really seen, Manifestos and Reflector roles;
Inserting non-Penta people in Pentas and see how they feel, see how the Penta feels;
– Forming Functional and Dysfunctional Pentas to compete with each other
– Pentas finding their Projector guide and Projectors get seen
– Finding your place, being in your spot or not, how it feels
The BG5™ system is the business application of Human Design exploring the career development, teamwork and group dynamics.
When the correct Business Skills are present, as the building blocks of a successful business and are all brought together in a Unified Group, we can experience an amazing group phenomenon which moves the business forward.
Through BG5™ we can learn how to empower ourselves and others by unlocking our and their potential, valuable skills, life work and purpose in the material world and business.
The system examines the career and professional realization of each individual individually, as well as in partnership and when working in a team.
The times we live in are a real challenge to stay true to our authentic nature and at the same time succeed on the material plane.
BG5™ can be the much sought-after tool for individuals, teams and organizations to help them adapt effectively to changing macro and micro environments, perspectives and circumstances.
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Ioan Nistor is a certified career development consultant: BG5 Small Business Analyst & Engineer.
My first encounter with Human Design was in 2011 when I perceived it as a different kind of astrology. But the real experiment began in 2014, when during a shamanic journey, at the invitation of the shaman, to see what was worth investing my energy in, the message “You know about human design for so long, why don’t you do it? ” It came very clearly to me.”
The message was so powerful that after I returned home, I signed up for the Living Your Design course and haven’t stopped since. In 2018, I was invited to translate into Romanian the remarkable book “Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation” by Ra Uru Hu”, which is the first and only book on human design in Romanian.
I currently run Human Design sessions to harmonize with your own life, couples counselling, career guidance sessions, small team building and effectiveness counselling, Living Your Design Workshop, Rave ABC and Cartography courses. I also lead the “Applied Human Design” Facebook group, where I support participants to experience their authenticity in a practical way.
I am currently studying the Differentiation Degree Certification Program in Human Design.
I practice Siberian, Amerindian and Inca shamanism, conduct seminars and camps on Human Design and shamanism. My personal development journey has taken me to unique places such as Czech Republic, Ireland, Greece, India, Peru, places that have completed and shaped my journey to oneself.
I love working with people, supporting them to love and see themselves exactly as they are. In my sessions with sensitivity and presence I ask people the right questions to discover their own truth. I like to experience myself so that then the message I convey is truthful and lived by me.
I look forward to meet you!
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