Julia Kalinina

3/5 Generator
Teacher & Analyst
Analyst, Dream Rave, Family & Child Development, BG5 Engineer
19 Years

Lecture by Julia Kalinina

[Day 2, 18.01.]
08:30 am - 10:00 am
Theme: "Parents and Children: Is it Possible to Raise a Unique Being?"

Personal Information

Parents and Children: Is it Possible to Raise a Unique Being?
I constantly wonder whether it is possible to avoid those childhood traumas that many adults try to heal almost to the grave. And why then give birth to children if all their upbringing leads to the fact that, having left the home of the people who gave them life, they run to treat their psyche and restore their health. Somehow this natural life process looks very unhealthy: bringing a new human creation into life.
Human Design gives a holistic picture of what is happening between parent and child. Explains the specifics of the psyche, motivation and focus on many things of both parent and child. And by experimenting with this knowledge, it is possible as a person to develop yourself holistically, psychologically and physically. At least theoretically. Totality in practice is already the determination of those experimenting. Only following the Strategy and Authority can bring success in the relations between parents and children.
I have seen successful examples of raising children and teaching them to recognize their Authority signals and make decisions according to their Type Strategy. I will share these examples.
I don’t have my own children. This is how my trajectory through life has developed. But it also allows me to be unbiased (with my 18|58) and identify, first of all, what definitely does not work in child development and what brings unhealthy resistance.
In the lecture I offer, I want to share my vision and experience of how you can build a truly 9-center relationship between parent and child. And, of course, how to help a child align with Strategy and Authority so that it is not a coercion on the part of the parent, pushing away this knowledge and causing rebellion :-). How to help your child with his diet and finding a truly healthy environment for itself. How to teach your child to recognize the forces of conditioning and deal with them in a healthy way.
I think this lecture is useful for both parents and those who do not yet have children. But at least we all have parents. So we all know what it means for us to be someone’s child. So, the topic of upbringing and concern about whether something could have been avoided in our childhood, and how to resolve questions to our parents, is relevant for many. So, you will also look at your relationship with your parents.
I met Human Design in 2004. And since that time, I’ve visited all available courses and lectures in Ukraine. Also, I’ve responded to visit Ibiza and meet Ra Uru Hu in aura. I’m very grateful to my life for such a possibility.
I thought I was very successful in my life. I came to the reading mostly out of curiosity rather than some psychological or health issues. So, at the beginning Human Design was like a hobby. I wanted to know more about life. I was very far from any astrology and esoteric. But… When I saw people in Human Design, I was very surprised. I’ve never seen such people and I didn’t even know that there are other ways of everyday living and building relationships. So, I tried to be honest with myself and be as total in my experiment as I could for that time. So, through Human Design I became aware of all levels of my incompetence about life.
It was my Saturn Return, when I got my reading. So Human Design became my guiding thread as I grew up. Thanks to this knowledge, I was able to finally feel like a mature person and find my essence. No longer trying to meet someone’s expectations but being myself and enjoying the process of refining my gifts and talents, discovering new facets of the potential within me.
And, most importantly, to deal with all the questions that tormented me from childhood. After all, most of my relatives are Manifestors, and I am a Pure Generator. Obviously, I had a lot of questions and misunderstandings about why my relatives are the way they are. And, most importantly, how can we all live and communicate further?
This is why, in my activities as an Analyst and Human Design Teacher, I place great emphasis on supporting my allies in the parenting experiment. Because students and teachers we are only in the classroom. And in life we are allies in the movement on the path to ourselves.
I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I have accumulated over 19 years of my experiment. And I will be glad to meet all the participants of the Rave Festival in the neutrino streams.

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