Julia Krakova

Live & Online
1/3 Projector
Teacher & Analyst
Family Practice Specialist, Child Analyst, ABC and Cartography Teacher
11 Years
Belarus & Israel & Slovakia
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Lectures by Julia Krakova

[Day 2, 18.01.]
17:00 pm - 18:30 am
Theme: "7 vs 9"
[Day 5, 21.01.]
Theme: "Cognitive Potential PHS & Environment"

Personal Information

“7 vs 9”

Do you know the reality, when you are deeply into Human Design practice, and your partner / family isn’t? How to co-exist, when you have 9 Centers, and those around you are still only 7 Chakras? 🙂

I ‘ve been asked this question so many times as an HD Analyst.

More than that – this is my personal story as well, as my partner is totally into 7-centered world practices.

And that’s why we decided to open up, and to create this workshop together with my partner, Joseph Pepe Danza. We will share a very intimate story, based on a personal experience, and step by step, will uncover how two people from absolutely different worlds can still find harmony in dealing with material world, love, sex, food, friendships, mental and power approaches to life, and much more. 

We will use Human Design keynotes, and lots of practical tools will be given to you as well. So come in comfortable clothes, so this  in the supported by Human Design keynoting plus – 

A, I live my life according to Strategy & Authority, that is not all.

Julia’s second offering is: “Cognitive Potential: PHS & Environment”

You get to see the six primary digestive systems binaries and the resulting twelve different ways in which each digestive process works uniquely. Learn how your form (body) can benefit from its PHS and differentiated, rather than homogenized brain function, including the potential for a sense of heightened acuity, heightened awareness, and heightened sensory perception. Eating correctly is one of the, if not the, most important things you can do for your body.
How do you determine which environment is right for you? Every living creature has dietary needs to ensure physical nourishment, and a natural habitat that supports well-being and survival. Humans can adapt to almost any place they move to, but does this mean they will be healthy anywhere and will thrive?
In addition to offering the potential for physical nourishment and transformation of the brain through Primary Health System, Human Design offers an approach to well being for the body through specific environments determined by Design Nodes. By knowing your Design Nodal Color, you can discover which types of places you are most suited for, and begin to experiment with the radical transformation of your body through your surroundings.
Environment and Differentiation introduces the different types of environments we find ourselves in, and why one is best suited for each of us and how your body is designed to interact with the environment.

“I live between Belarus, Slovakia and Israel. I studied several academic disciplines and received few university degrees. Eventually achieved a dream corporate career, did lots of traveling, and engaged in educational and art projects.

After understanding and applying fundamental teachings that I was studying and practicing (Hindu Vedas, Jewish Kabbalah, Yoga, Natural Healing, Pranic Nourishment, Tech and Art Design), I simply lived what I call a ‘grounded life’ in a place of balanced raw nature, running several projects as natural boutique handmade cosmetics, healing with touch & sound, teaching alive foods and yoga…perfect life with its outer and inner richness … until Human Design came into my life in 2012.

Concepts that were hidden became clear and started being subjects for The Experiment that is Life… Human Design brought the experience of being Myself without guessing and with grounded inner Knowing.

Since then many things changed – environment, relationships, geography, values… and the most important – my own perception of Self.

At this point I have completed Analyst Studies, LYDG, Rave ABCs and Family Practice.  Awaiting certification for Child Development Analysis, BG5 and I am currently in the DDP Program.

I am teaching Human Design in the Ministry of Education in Israel, and have founded a worldwide HD Rave Marathon hdravemarathon.com

I offer 2 ways to share LYD and Rave ABCs courses:

  1. One-on-one (best for Projector’s and busy people’s types). In a One-on-one Private LYD and Rave ABCs courses there is an option for You to choose the pace and timing of meetings.
  2. Online group meetings. I communicate in four languages: Russian, Hebrew, English, and basic Slovak. Want to go deep and feel Human Design? Welcome to my Instagram @julia.krakova.hd You are invited. And informed. Take your time to be clear <3″
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