Karen Sherwood

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BG5 Business Institute:
BG5 & OC16 Instructor
BG5 Business and OC 16 Corporate Analyst & Engineer
12 Years

Lectures by Karen Sherwood

[Day 5, 21.01.]
Theme: "How to Profit By Being You in the Shifting Landscape of Career & Business"

Personal Information

It will be up to you in the upcoming times. Are you ready?
If we have to be really practical and not only survive but thrive we need to be honest were we stand!
• Are you doing what you Love
Advising the correct group and being successful
• Innovating freely and at peace
• Evaluating in the correct environment which elevates and surprises you:
Human Design is for these changing times. For NOW!
We present to you the first lecture of the Human Design Rave Festival:
“How to Profit By Being You in the Shifting Landscape of Career & Business”
Money, career & business is dramatically shifting as we count down to 2027. The Era of Planning held everything together through the community bargain. As individuals, we were often “forced” to sacrifice ourselves for the good of the tribe just to make money to survive. What happens when that “bargain” goes away as we move into the Era of the Individual? How can we work together and make money in this new era while still being true to ourselves? In this interactive lecture/workshop we will explore and experience how you can take advantage of the conditioning forces of BG5 small group & OC16 large group dynamics in a positive way to empower each other, work together, survive, thrive and profit by being you!
Karen Sherwood specializes in the Career & Business application of the Human Design System and is an Instructor at the BG5 Business Institute, as well as the Director of her own Career & Business Consulting Firm called BG5 Solutions. As an HD Analyst, BG5 and OC16 Consultant, Karen played an instrumental role, working alongside Lynda Bunnell, in the launching the BG5 Business Institute and helped design the current BG5 and OC16 Curriculum. She loves teaching and sharing her passion for this knowledge in empowering individuals, leaders and teams to adapt to the crazy shifting times we live in.

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