Laveena Archers

Educational Video
3/5 Projector
Teacher & Mentor
Holistic Analyst, Cosmologist, Primary Health System & Psychology, BG5 Business Analyst & Engineer, OC16 Large Business Consultant
11 Years

2027 Educational Video by Laveena Archers

[Day 4 (Saturday)]
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Theme: 2027 Educational Video

Personal Information

Laveena Archers is a renowned teacher, mentor and Public Relations Advisor of the International Human Design School (IHDS) and Special Projects and BG5BI Instructor in the The BG5® Business Institute as well as a Certified Executive Coach.

As an example of someone experimenting with HD since 2012, Laveena shares her experiences to help you find out your inner truth. In addition to her expertise in the Human Design System, Laveena is a creative role model of inspiration and imagination, dedicated to helping others discover their unique path in life and achieve fulfillment. As a Certified BG5® Consultant and IHDS Faculty teacher with over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, Laveena Archers is skilled in providing career advice and guidance to small business owners and entrepreneurs. She helps her clients market themselves effectively, lead their teams to increased efficiency and profitability, and discover their ideal career path that aligns with their passions and purpose.

“I’m Laveena Brianne Archers (formerly Lovick), a 3/5 Cross of Contagion and Emotional Advisor, designed to see and contagiously share my personal perspective and change your fate through explaining obscure learnings and experiences that gets your imagination fired up so you are inspired to discover your own inner truth for healthier work and personal relationship success. I desire to empower you with a perspective that leads to you embracing your uniqueness, through comprehending information about yourself that can support an experiential self-discovery of your most fulfilling, aligned and authentic life possible.

So that you know your genetic code to live an purposeful existence with self-acceptance and unconditional love of self, through times of growth, change, risk and uncertainty.

Through teaching online and live, I can encourage you to have endurance to face challenges during uncertain times by explaining this obscure knowledge. I can inspire you to imagine how you can be nurtured and persevere despite fears of failure, rise to the occasion in times of growth, and transform with tranquility.”

Laveena is going to present a 2027 Educational Video: “Plutonic Interregnum”. 

From the mystical, gray courses we dive directly in the most practical side of Human Design the BG5 Business Application.

“Shadows and Solutions – BG5 Webinar” – prerecorded video

Unleash the Power Within: In the era of remote work, a tidal wave of change has swept through our lives, driven by the mysterious 2027 background frequency shift. Many find themselves grappling in isolation, unsure of how to navigate this new reality and deliver their best to humanity while securing a thriving income.

Embark on a transformative 75-minute journey that holds the key to your success. Shadows and Solutions: Self-Management Mastery by Definition PLUS Working Solo by Career Type and Design Specifics isn’t just a training; it’s a lifeline. Discover the invaluable secrets to harnessing your strengths, skills, and unique gifts, aligning them with your genetic potential. This isn’t just about surviving; it’s about thriving in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving landscape.

Secure your spot and grab your Human Design bodygraph because what awaits is a power-packed education on leveraging Human Design for unprecedented success in your business and life. This isn’t just another course; it’s your roadmap to a more fulfilling, prosperous, and surprisingly peaceful career in our modern era. Don’t miss out – seize your destiny now!

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Laveena Archers on Emotional Authority:


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