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Lecture by Luca Ionescu

[Day 5, 21.01.]
Theme: "Merging with the Ocean"

Personal Information

“Merging with the Ocean”
There is a mystical aspect to Human Design. Ra often pointed at it with words like passenger consciousness, Maia and awake vs asleep.
In this workshop I’m going to share with you some of my understanding and direct experience about awakening.
I believe that “awakening within the dream” is a necessary step to the fulfillment of our deepest individual potential, and could also become an essential part of life after 2027.
Ra used to sing ‘everything’s got a price’. Awakening definitely has a price, and so does staying asleep. I want to make this transformative process as clear as possible to you, so you can have all the information to make your own decision about moving in that direction or not.
I am looking forward to concluding the lecture by introducing a practical experiment called the 3 minute game, which was developed to promote empowering and respectful ways to connect with one another through touch.
About Luca Ionescu:
“I am a 4/6 generator who started his journey with H.D. at 16, in 2010. I was quickly compelled to live my design as radically as I could.
I studied for a year with John Martin, whose joyous, courageous and independent spirit left a deep impression on me, and became a living your design guide in 2016.
In 2023 I went through an intense transformative process involving many modalities in addition to Human Design.”

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