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Lecture by Luna Studer

[Day 4, 20.01.]
Theme: "Sacred Sacral: A Journey Beyond the Mask"

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“Sacred Sacral: A Journey Beyond the Mask”

A lecture dedicated to reveal the Sacral Center’s magnificent power and to identify its deep social, cultural and individual conditioning.
A journey that will explore in depth gender conditioning, and the heavy influence of all those unhealthy reactions conditioned by emotionally charged memory patterns: authentic sacral response may be hacked by the neuro-imprinting of early childhood’s/adulthood‘s unprocessed trauma. I’ll synthetically present this theme, reading it through its correlation to some Human Design mechanics:

  • Four Quarters and Godheads
  • Role gates: G Center and the Defense Circuit
  • Memory Circuit
  • Fear Gates: Awareness Centers
  • Biological correlation between Centers and glands and recent Neuroscience’s discoveries about neurotransmitters and their role in memory processing.

To simplify this theme, that could be vast and articulated, and make it useful, my focus will be practical and I’ll introduce few techniques that can help in overcoming trauma response, and give a detailed and fast integration to Generator’s Strategy and see results in deconditioning.

Healing “memory” is healing the whole trajectory. Passing through the process of overwriting the past will allow new experiences to be lived on a different frequency and with a deeper Self-Awareness.

As Generators, we cannot forget that we are 70% of the population and with this big creative power we have an infinite individual potential to develop.

Are you ready to dive in with me?

About Luna:

“I’m in to the Experiment since 2007. I’ve been studying with Genoa Bliven (Human Design America) from LYD up to PTL3.
Subsequently, I’ve been studying everything from the beginning, up to PTL3, with Alokanand Diaz, working as an interpreter from English to Italian in his whole 3 years training program.
I got my LYD Guide certification with Alokanand Diaz in 2015.
I’ve been participating in Ibiza, September 2011, to the lecture “Death and Bardo” with Ra Uru Hu and to the Ibiza annual event in 2012 as a member of a theater project,”Cont Animazioni”.

I’ve been studying “Introduction to Dream Rave” with Deborah Bergman and I did my mentoring and my PTL4 in 2014, with Cathy Kinneard, RIP.

I did get my professional Analyst certification in 2022 with Lynette Crisfield.
I love the fact that Human Design is a true, alive instrument and that I can integrate it to everything I do, I see and I know. I’ve always been interested to many different esoteric traditions and knowledge, since my childhood.
When I’ve met HD, I’ve felt that it was the only thing I was waiting for and I started to experiment, while I was studying it as well.
I did use HD to grow my three sons and I can say that the results are consistent, now that I can witness their development as men.
I’ll always be grateful for the serendipity of meeting HD, a system that nourishes both my sensitivity and my logical rationality, while, actually, is transforming the whole frequency permeating my human form and setting the stage for my individual expansion.
Always grateful.

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