Mary Ann Winiger

Pre-recorded Interview
6/2 Generator
Teacher & Analyst
Analyst, LYD Guide and ABC and Cartography Teacher, Family Practice Specialist
30 Years

Pre-recorded Interview with Mary Ann, Madhu and Alexandara

[Day 2, 18.01.]
23:00 pm - 01:10 am
Theme: "Three Generations in Human Design"

Personal Information

Mary Ann Winiger

We are deeply excited to have Mary Ann Winiger supporting the event, with her “Three Generations in Human Design” Pre-recorded Interview and Q&A.

Mary Ann hardly needs an introduction. Her experience goes back to the beginning of the Human Design System. She was a student of Ra Uru Hu early on, and has lived her Strategy & Authority through her personal experiment of over 30 years!

Mary Ann will be bringing her vast experience and personal story as well as how her daughter reacted to Mary Ann starting her experiment. Alexandra, Mary Ann’s granddaughter had her first reading from Ra Uru Hu when she was only 6 years old. Can you imagine? Alexandara Schmid is a certified Living Your Design (LYD) Guide.

In a time when life is getting more and more complicated, Mary Ann is here to show us a way to the simplicity of ourselves, according to our Strategy and Inner Authority.

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