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Lectures by Peter Schöber

[Day 4, 20.01.]
Theme: "How to Survive 2027"

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“How to Survive till 2027”
In the middle of the growing global chaos we have to find our way as individuals. And yes, Strategy and Authority are and remain the main pillars of that art. However, by looking at the transit field we will be able to get glimpses on what specific challenges we will have to meet.
So, this lecture is not about the world. It is about you in the world and what you need to be prepared for, in order not only to survive but to use the challenges of the time to unfold your unique abilities.
In our everyday life we are concerned with “what comes next?” As important as that is, one can easily loose the perspective of cyclical connection and therefore miss the full picture.
In this very condensed lecture, Peter will focus on the development from 2024 – 2027 as indicated by the transit field. Our guiding elements are the slow moving planets from Jupiter to Pluto and the Nodes. Their weaving of the general destiny will help us to tune in to the near future.
At the same time, we will be able to see, that we are not victims of the Matrix: we are designed to surf the waves of destiny in the triumph of being ourselves!
Peter Schöeber was born on December 28, 1951 in Vienna. Growing up in the postwar era. There was mainly a sense of things moving forward and the experience of big changes on the economical level but also new lifestyles, the sexual revolution and the student movement of 1968.
Peter developed early interests in unusual topics like hypnosis and reincarnation, finished Highschool in Vienna and started to study Medicine and Psychology at the University of Vienna.
After some years “life got in the way” and Peter had working periods in Canada in Spain, opening him up to the world. From 1976 on he made a professional career in the management of a big Austrian company in the field of electronics while at the same time engaging in a long term training with a Cherokee shaman. This included some training periods in the US.
From 1981 on Peter became an independent entrepreneur focusing on the developing field of computers while at the same time getting more seriously interested in esotericism of all kind. This led to the foundation of a bookstore specialized in esotericism and therapy. Peter completed a professional therapeutic training (Core Energetics) and through the bookstore got in touch with many famous people in the field by organizing them. Strong interest in Tarot and the publishing of an according book in 1992.
When Ra visited Vienna in 1992 he stayed in the same house where Peter lived. So, they had to meet and as Peter was already looking for connections between different esoteric systems, he immediately fell in love with HD. Analyst education in 1993, teacher education in Ibiza 1995.
In this period Peter was also training regularly Tae Kwon Do for 10 years with a true master of the art, living in Vienna.
From 2001 on Peter became a HD professional exclusively. His first book on HD was published in 2005, his second one in 2008.
Translations to English, Italian and Korean followed. At the same time Peter became an international teacher of HD working in Germany, Switzerland, Italy and UK.
In 2008 Peter moved to Germany, where his business grew considerably. Since 2013 Peter is responsible for the IHDS education in Germany and Switzerland.
In 2012 he followed a request teaching for the first time in Russia. Over the years teaching in Russia became more and more important, also leading to professional visits in Ukraine and Kazhakstan. Peter felt from the very beginning a deep connection with Russian culture and people and as life was opening the door, he moved from Germany to Moscow. Since 2021 Peter lives in Moscow together with his wife Elena.
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