Richard Corbett

6/2 Generator
LYD Guide and Analyst
Individual, Life Cycle, Partnership, Incarnation Cross Analysis
25 Years

Lecture by Richard Corbett

[Day 6, 22.01.]
08:30-10:00 pm
Theme: "The Archetype of the 6th Line Being, the Tripartite Life, and its Relation to the Chironic Journey."

Personal Information

“The Archetype of the 6th Line Being, the Tripartite Life, and its Relation to the Chironic Journey.”

The tripartite life of 6th line profiles is deeply connected to the planet Chiron. Chiron is the Wounded Healer, the teacher, educator, and facilitator. All 6th line beings have a deep connection to the mythology of Chiron and its mythology within their personal body graph. In my presentation I will share what I have learned about the mythology of Chiron in my 25 years of experimenting and teaching the Human Design System and having been “off the roof” for three years now, and what the experience of moving into the third phase has been like for myself. I will discuss the essence of the 6th line, the archetype of the 6th line being, and how Chiron supports us as the Role Model of the Profiles.


Richard Corbett became a Certified Human Design Analyst by the International Human Design School in 2001. He is a graduate and teacher at Human Design America and has shared the Human Design System with thousands of people over the last two decades as a Foundational Analyst, Relationship Analyst, Living Your Design Guide, and Astrologer. In addition to Richards Human Design and Astrology career, he served as a Special Forces Officer in the United States Marine Corps and had a twenty-year career as a corporate sales manager, trainer, and motivational speaker. Richard’s passion in life is helping people connect with their inner truth and power to live authentically with the full potential of their life purpose.

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