Sabina Abreo

2/5 Projector
Analyst & LYD Guide
Analyst, Dream Rave, Family Practitioner & Child Development Analyst
4 Years

Lecture by Sabina Abreo

[Day 2, 18.01.]
21:00 pm - 22:30 pm
Theme: "Family Penta Dynamics"

Personal Information

Sabina will present the topic of Family Dynamics:
Each individual has a self-contained aura that differentiates us in this grand illusion of separateness.
But what happens when a group of 3 to 5 people come together? A trans-auric form emerges a.k.a the Penta, which has it’s own agendas.
Are you aware of it’s impact on you? How it influences your every day experiences, your values and maybe your whole life?
This session brings you the opportunity to become aware of the Family Penta, the very first Penta we encounter when we begin our lives. Understanding a Family Penta for what it is, is taking first steps towards releasing the regrets, blame, shame and the stories your mind tells you! The key takeaway is awareness and empowerment to be more of who you are in your continuing journey to loving yourself.

Sabina’s Bio:

Sabina is a quad-right, 2/5 Splenic Projector born on the RAX of Maia in the quarter of mutation where purpose is fulfilled thru transformation.

Besides being an IHDS certified Analyst, she also holds specialization as a  Child Development analyst , Family Practices specialist and Dream Rave analyst and an LYD Guide. She is mastering  the Human Design System via the path set by Ra Uru Hu. She has been studying  under the tender guidance of inspiring teachers who are role models like Lynette Crisfield, Leela & Dharmen, Dr. Andrea Reikl Wolf, Darshana MAthews, Ruth Brennan and Laveena Archers, and she takes it as a privilege that she holds close to her heart.

Being a naturally brilliant storyteller and transmitter, Sabina transforms, shares and supports the transformation of her fractals, one person at a time. There’s no bigger success to her then living this one time event of a life authentically, being who she is designed to be.

Sabina’s short back story:

In 2020, I met Human Design System at a stage in life when I was coming back out from a tunnel hoping for a call, a glimmer of hope to understand why I was the way I was and how could I “fit in”?

Well, forget “FITTING IN”, Human Design made me see who I am to Be. Shattering all homogenized preconceptions, empowered by my strategy and Inner Authority, I began walking this humbling path which has been all about releasing blame, shame, guilt, people pleasing, self-hate, and so much of not required conditioning. Although I am still a toddler in this journey, I can see the difference in my relationship with my self as well as those around me.

Sabina will present to us Introduction to the Family Penta Dynamics. Do you want to join?

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#NewBeginnings #SofiaBulgaria #FestivalExperience #AuraExploration #HDWorkshops

#LiveYourDesign #EnergyTypes #EmpowerYourself #HDExperts #InteractiveLearning
#HumanDesignLife #SoulAwakening #HDWisdom #FestivalMagic #HDNovices #HDJourney
#CommunityGathering #HDForBeginners #ExploreYourDesign #relationships #children
#family #astrology #tarot