Therese Jagersberger

5/1 Projector
Teacher & Analyst
Individual Rave Analyst, LYD Guide, ABC Teacher
19 Years

Memoirs by Therese Jagersberger

[Day 4, 20.01.]
13:30 - 15:00
Theme: "Ra Uru Hu - the Man, the Teacher, the 5/1 Profile"

Personal Information

“Ra Uru Hu – the Man, the Colleague, the 5/1 Profile” – Memoirs
I am happy to elaborate on my presentation about my time in Ibiza between 2004 and 2010 (I arrived there in 1998 but only met HD and Ra in 2004 and left one year before Ra Uru Hu’s death). I will present photos, who were taken by Stephen Rebollido during all these Ibiza events and some photos never seen before.
As I read actually so many projections on Ra in the Facebook groups that I occasionally comment on or on people´s personal pages when they write about Ra, I would love to weave the aspect of profile into the presentation. Like focus on our costumes these 2 profile lines, especially onto the 5/1 – how Ra wasn’t seen as so special by those who knew him in Ibiza as the influence on friends is not a 5th line´s strength, but how now worldwide the Human Design system has this impact on strangers, who never knew him or don’t even get the chance for authentic witnessing of his humor, his impact, his eccentric behavior, his genius, etc.
About Therese Jagersberger:
I was born and grew up in Austria, trained as a Qi Gong and Taiji teacher as well as a schoolteacher, at a gymnasium in Vienna for a few years, before i moved to Ibiza in 1998. there I met Human Design for the first time in 2004, living and raising my emotionally defined MG son (born in 1997) as a single mother.
I was close to utter exhaustion when I fortunately came across Human Design in 2004, having been introduced to Christoph Rabanus, one of Ra´s first students. I was invited to a reading with him in his bus, being parked near the village of San Juan. The moment I had my first reading I knew this would be transforming my life and my interactions with my then 7-year-old emotional manifesting generator son, as a parent. Soon afterwards I also met Ra through Daniel Spiegel, a good friend of his and my then partner, and I began working for the Jovian online customer support.
Meeting Ra quite regularly in the following years, being one of his pupils and attending several of the Ibiza live events, makes me consider myself especially lucky, appreciating my gate 46, the gate of “serendipity”, activated by my personality sun.
Ibiza, where I was living until 2010 was the ideal “playground” for my experiment, and I started my analyst education after a few months into my HD experiment in a small “live” group in the shade of gnarled olive trees near Benirras beach. All over Ibiza some people were in the one or the other way involved with HD, meeting regularly for exchange, while exploring what it means to be me in the context of Human Design.
In 2005 I was invited by Ra to do the Rave Psychology analyst education in his classes and those there years have taken my busy mind away from endless pondering, searching for purpose and blind states of anxiety, which i had known so well before i came across this amazing information and practical tools. Thus, I could start observing myself in a new way provided by Ra´s teachings about differentiation and transformation. And learning about passenger consciousness and about surrender.
In 2010 I went back to Austria for family reasons and completed my analyst education there. I have been certified since 2011 and am still excited about discovering each and every one who I meet (with my left angle cross of Healing through love) on their own trajectory and what I can learn, share and pass on to those who resonate and enjoy travelling with me either for short or long and who I can hopefully inspire and help in their own transformation process.
Having an emotionally defined Manifestor as partner since 2010 has given me the opportunity to learn to ride the emotional waves (living out avoidance strategies mostly until then) in an adult mutually respectful relationship, while communicating from my G authority as the only way of being correct. Him being based in South Africa has also given me the chance to get to learn to know this beautiful country and its people through very nice invitations.
Professionally I have added to my range of work being a certified LYD guide at the beginning of 2020, while encounters on a 1:1 basis is still a much-appreciated way for guidance for a motorless Projector like me. I am also happy to give online readings from wherever in the world I am.
In 2023 I completed my Rave ABC teacher training with Nisarg B.Nikiel in Corfu to be certified to also teach HD basics. Learning more about the Black and the Red, Circuitry an Hexagram Structure (profile) cannot be underestimated, also serving as a basis for further education.
I love to guide especially projectors from my own projector experience as we do not have an immediate strategy like generators to respond or manifestors to inform and nevertheless can learn to be absolutely correct and be seen by others as our aura is doing the talking if we do not interfere but occupy our mind instead with whatever is correct for us. We are here to see and be invited to share what we see and guide but this happens only without resistance if our aura gets cleared of the conditioned “gunk” we have accumulated throughout the years of early conditioning. The sad result can often be seen in bitter projectors being stressed out unnecessarily. Being in the Projector transformation process, we can get the body to live its life even if it is not an overnight revelation and easy way to get instant gratification but for sure worth it!
As we are heading towards 2027, aware projectors in their deconditioning process are needed, we are the guides of the future in a changing world, we grasp systems naturally as our undefined sacrals are not here to be occupied in the rat race of hard work . Instead this design allows us to use our free-floating intelligence to be in a correct dance with energy types, mainly generators but also Manifestors and alongside with reflectors, while Raves will emerge.
Most importantly, we homo sapiens can live our full potential as we adapt to radical changes best as ourselves in correct interactions, applying S&A that guides us to our differentiating process to relax our mind, enjoying this movie whose “plot” and ending no one of us can really foresee. The left and the right variables are both valuable on this journey from the past to the future, with us fulfilling our potential as homo sapiens in transitus in our uniqueness while conscious pentas formed by raves will emerge. They will initially need our knowledge and guidance to live their lives and to form those pentas, no motor function of the solar plexus activated in babies from 2027 onwards anymore and we in our own emotionally motorized bodies (those with definition there) still being here to fulfil our highest potential facing a completely changed background frequency.
My deep gratitude goes to Ra and his work of transformation of the body.
Please, feel welcome, invited, informed and hopefully surprised!
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