Yana Gavrilita

3/5 Manifesting Generator
LYD Guide
Analyst, Dream Rave, Family Practitioner & Child Development Analyst
9 Years

Lecture by Yana Gavrilita

[Day 5, 21.01.]
08:30 am - 10:00 am
Theme: "Conscious Parenting"

Personal Information

“Conscious Parenting” I will share my experience about the Human Design Experiment with a special needs kid with charts overview.

Hi all, I’m Yana Gavrilita – Manifesting Generator, 3/5, Human Design Guide, a wife and a mother to an amazing boy.

My first experience with Human Design was back in 2011. My professional journey in Human Design started in 2016. I am a Living Your Design Guide, a Professional Analyst in Training, BG5 Career & Business Consultant in Training, Child Development Analyst in Training, and Family Practice Analyst in Training.

My story began when I lost myself and embarked on a quest to discover my true identity all the time asking myself “Who am I?”. I explored various areas of knowledge, including esoteric practices and therapies. However, it was Human Design that attracted my attention. Now I realise that it’s all about being logical and practical. I’m not someone who blindly believes; I’m a practical and logical person who tests everything on my own.

Since 2015, I’ve been on a personal journey of experimenting with Human Design. Little did I know that the most intriguing and challenging part of this journey would come in 2018 when I became a parent to my unique son.

Experimenting with oneself is one thing, but when you start to navigate the path of parenthood with a unique child, it becomes an entirely different story. It’s filled with feelings of fear, guilt, and uncertainty.

In today’s world, we’re witnessing the arrival of more and more exceptional children. It’s obvious, given that we’re moving towards the year 2027. As a parent of a child with special needs, I’d like to share my story about the challenges and rewards of conscious parenting. How to stay yourself and not feel guilty for all decisions you make.

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