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The Epic Experience of Human Design Live and Online!

Human Design is a new generation navigation system that helps you free your mind to listen to your body’s inherent intelligence and follow your inner compass in these crazy times.

Are You looking for the right path and for your True Self with Astrology, Personal Development books, Yoga and more? Whether you already know Human Design or not, this event is for You!

The festival is about connecting and deepening your own experience of the Human Design System through interactive master classes and workshops from IHDS Certified teachers and facilitators.

Its a hybrid event, and with one ticket, you can also participate in the Online Rave Marathon of 6 days Human Design non-stop, or get the recordings.

Let’s get together internationally, explore and celebrate life and the new reality!

Expert Talks

Meet the 1st wave of Human Design teachers, who were directly educated and impacted by Ra Uru Hu & their students. 17+ Live and 20+ Online Master Classes from IHDS Certified Teachers and specialists!


Take part in the interactive and practical lectures & workshops, on almost every HD topic, to experiment with the system beyond the theory. Bring your own uniqueness to the table of abundance.


Gather with the tribes worldwide and meet other Human Design enthusiasts to experiment with and get support. 6 magical days of meeting ourselves. Feel invited, informed, and initiated to join! Be part of a true movement!
[Live & Online]
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Unlimited access to all festival content. Dive into a diverse lineup of lectures, workshops, and discussions led by experts in Human Design System.


Access 13 enlightening lectures handpicked to deepen your understanding of the Human Design System.

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Explore a diverse range of topics at the Human Design Rave Festival, and choose one lecture that interests you the most.
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2-6 DAYS

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[from all over the world]

Darshana Mathews

[Live & Online]

Mary Ann Winiger

[Pre-recorded Interview]

Christine Spicer

[Live & Online]

Nathalie Keijzer

[Live & Online]

Amaya Alzola

[Live & Online]

Helene Hartmann

[Live & Online]

Laveena Archers

[Educational Video]

Ioan Nistor

[Live & Online]

Dubravka Radonjić

[Live & Online]

Pavaka Katzir

[Live & Online]

Alannah and Hagen

[Live & Online]

Ana Valeva


Veronica de Boer

[Live & Online]

Nisarg B Nikiel

[Live & Online]

Peter Berv


Luca Ionescu

[Live & Online]

Julia Krakova

[Live & Online]

Ryan Hanna


Rachel Walmsley

[Live & Online]

Darja Krastina

[Live & Online]

Bambaji Haven Hale

[Live & Online]

Luna Studer

[Live & Online]

Dvir Itzhaki


Sonja Beijering

[Live & Online]

Don Elwick


Sabina Abreo


Lucretia Konstantine

[Live & Online]
[Online & Live]
Festival Program
The date of the HD Rave Festival is approaching fast!
[South Eastern Europe Travel Experience]

The festival will be held in hotel Sofia Expo which is 12 min. by metro from the center of the ancient Roman city of at least 7000 BC, Sofia, which means Holy Wisdom, Bulgaria. 

Sofia is the mother of the three theological virtues: Faith, Hope and Love. And that shall be the vibe of this Epic Rave Fest.

The location of the festival will allow us to land comfortably, and to combine the festiveness with local culture, that may add an extra layer for this journey. For 5 days it will serve us as a hub for inner and outer journey.

Relax on the Beautiful city center of Sofia

Enjoy this diverse city of Sofia – vibrant multicultural gem of Europe with neo-classical buildings, antique treasures and roman ruins dotted around the city!

Young, Hipster & Tech Vibes

Experience the intersection of history and modernity in Sofia, a city buzzing with youth culture and tech innovation.

Uncover Sofia’s Hidden Gems

 Discover the less homogenized side of Europe and breathe in its authenticity. Enjoy local exotic cuisine and be surprised by the ancient exquisite architecture. 

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We Met Before:
[from previous events]

Julia Krakova - Festival Organizer

IHDS Certified analyst and teacher.

Veronica de Boer - Festival Organizer

IHDS Certified analyst and guide.